Moving forward: Plans for the Bay Area’s new OC1 center

We need your help this weekend, Sat 21, in the morning! Please contact me or Sue!

I’ve previously talked about the benefits of a center with affordable access to small boats outside of the outrigger club system.

Thanks to the help of a number of people in the community, this is going to happen over coming months. Right now, I’m looking to discuss the center with the people and groups who would be using the center.





3 thoughts on “Moving forward: Plans for the Bay Area’s new OC1 center

  1. nolanlouie says:

    Good luck, Yohei. Hope it happens!

  2. Ken hong says:

    Nice development y, this is great news.

  3. Mike L 9 says:

    You’ve put together really nice points here that reflect some keen and significant thinking, presented beautifully. I would be happy to see this happen and to find members of my teams considering participating in its user population. I will be glad to try to keep up with developments in your project and offer constructive input that comes to mind.

    I’ve had thoughts of my own before about a dragonboat and other paddling sports training center set in the Bay Area, though that one is in emphasis and push toward a little different of framing than this.

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